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Thursday, October 20, 2011

What a Week!

Man it has been a week!  A good week for a change! 

First off, I got a call from my oldest son last week.  He lives in Michigan where he attends Michigan State (Go Green!) and is >< this close to getting his Doctorate in Plant Molecular Biology.  Now I knew my younger son was driving with his lovely girlfriend from where they live in Connecticut to Michigan to visit said oldest son for the weekend.  Younger son also had an interview scheduled at MSU to see if he wants to attend school there next fall.  Younger son is seeking a degree in broadcasting.  He has a weekly radio show that you can listen to on the web here every Monday from 3:00pm-6:00pm Eastern. He usually gives a shout out to his Mile High Mom sometime during the show :) Anywho, older son calls and I immediately get the momma spidey senses going thinking younger son had car trouble or something.  I could not have been more wrong!  Oldest son was calling to tell me that he finally proposed to his most beautifully sweet girlfriend!  And!  She said YES!! I am finally going to be a Mother-in-Law!!  I am finally getting the daughter I have always wanted! I could not be happier!  I just love her to pieces and had been waiting for this call forever! I hereby promise to be the bestest MIL EVER!  She will make it very easy for me to do! How cute are they?? This is just after she said yes!

And a "mock" engagement photo taken by my younger son. 
And here is a picture of my two sons from 2010.  I am so blessed that they are one an others best friend. And both so handsome to boot!
My younger son and his beautiful girlfriend

Yes, that's me on the left and Max at the lower right.  This was taken when they were out for a visit last summer.  Dear son's t-shirt will be burned in a purging ceremony in the near future ;)

Secondly, remember this post?  It's the one where I talk about achieving goals and, oh yeah, I mentioned a giveaway I am planning when I reach a couple of new goals.  Weeeelllll....if you look down to the bottom left of this page (go on, I'll wait) you will see I, thanks to all of you, have surpassed one of the goals.  I am also >< this close to hitting the second goal.  As soon as I hit 100 followers (no pressure) I will announce the giveaway!  Are you as excited as I am??  Yeah, probably not. I do tend to over dramatize the little things ;) I still don't know what the giveaway will be yet.  I'm thinking since the holiday's will be here in a blink of an eye, a gift card could be a good giveaway? I better get to deciding because I may need to make announcement as soon as next week! 

And then!  Thirdly, I received my very first blog award! Kari at The House of Bledsoe bestowed the award  of The Versatile Blogger upon me saying I am an inspiration to her.  Seriously? Lil ole me? <blush> Kari is the mother of 2 of the cutest little boys in all of blogland! She also comes up with some fun stuff like Halloween bowling!

Now here are the rules of the Versatile Blogger Award:
1. Thank & link back to the person who gave the award to you. (thank you Kari<smooches>)
2. Share 7 things about yourself.

1.     I was born in Spokane, WA
2.    I moved, with my family,  to Colorado when I was about 13 years old
3.    I have an older brother and a younger brother.  Yes, I am the only girl and a middle child.  Explains so much now doesn’t it
4.   I have 2 adult sons that live too far away (mentioned briefly (LOL) above)
5.      Mr. B & I have known each other almost 20 years
6.      Mr. B & I have been married a little over 6 years
7.      Mr. B is 12 years younger than me.  I was a cougar before it was fashionable!  Ha! He is an old soul and I refuse to get old so we are a perfect team :)

The 15 blogs I am passing this award along to are, in no particular order:

Blue Mountain Rise
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Please, go visit them and you will get what I mean when I say they each inspire me!

So, now tell me, how has your week been?


  1. Thank-you for naming me as one of your versatile bloggers! Congratulations on the engagement in your family!
    Come back and join me for 24 handmade ornaments in November!

  2. Kathe "with an E!" Wow! Thanks for naming me as one of your versatile bloggers! Wow! I feel like I just got engaged too! LOL Congrats & God Bless on your family engagement!
    Detroit Mom & Her Views

  3. Thank you so much for the Versatile Blogger award. I am floored.

    Congratulations on your son's engagement. I can tell you will be a great MIL.

  4. What a lovely surprise! Thanks, Kathe, for the
    versatile Blogger award. I like that sooo much better than unfocused - hahaha.

  5. WOW! What a great week! Congrats on your son's engagement and hitting some of your blog goals. You will be at 100 followers soon!!!

  6. Congratulations and yes, it's been a big week in your world!! You have a beautiful family.

  7. Hi, Thanks for coming by and leaving your sweet comment about my Candy Corn tablescape. Come and visit again when you can. And congratulations on your Son's engagement! That is very exciting news! Have a wonderful weekend, Sandra

  8. Kathie, thank you so much for the award....I am honored! What a beautiful damily you have too! Have a great weekend. Thanks again! Lynn (Flea Market Lady)

  9. Kathe,

    Congratulations on your pending mother-in-law status! Blessings to all.

    I'll have to get to work on my post for the Versatile blogger award; I really can't imagine what to tell people that I haven't already!

    Robin, happilyhomeafter.blogspot.com

  10. My goodness...you have so much to be proud of and happy about. I am delighted FOR you and we've only just met!! :)
    Very handsome sons!! And now a beautiful new daughter in law to be!
    Congratulations! Good things are ahead...a wedding, babies..graduations... Just makes me smile thinking of it.

    Sending you a huge hug and best wishes..
    Mona :)

    p.s. and..thank you SOOO much for becoming a follower!!

  11. I'm back again! Stalking You, lurking LOL. Wow I do believe we are kindred souls. With that Boy connection, u have 2 I have 3 and then lets's not forget that MI connection! I have 2 or 3 more craft projects going on. I hope I have inspired you to pull out those projects u put aside and "gift" those Made With Love Items to someone!
    Thank u for your kind words, they made my day!

  12. Sounds like you had a great week! I just become follower #96! Hope you will do the same.

    Thanks for sharing this post and linking to Potpourri Friday. You participation is appreciated!

  13. adorable pictures! your future DIL is very lucky.
    (and your sons are very handsome)


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